Beiyuan Yintan Jinyuan Business Hotel


Jinyuan Business Hotel Beihai, Guangxi is a catering and accommodation hotel built according to star standards. The hotel is located next to Baihutou Village Committee, Shanghai Road, Yinhai District, Beihai City. Opposite the hotel are Evergrande Real Estate and Jinchang Real Estate. The hotel is fully equipped with luxurious and elegant decoration, which is unique. There are a total of 52 guest rooms with various room types. On the first floor, there is a Dragon and Phoenix Banquet Hall, and on the second floor, there are multifunctional dining rooms. The hotel takes "guests first, service first" as its business purpose, adopts scientific operating mechanisms and management methods, and constantly strives for excellence and social recognition. It is your ideal choice for business, banquet, leisure and entertainment.